Royal Taste of Almonds



Our every production process is accomplished by human hands.


You can’t allow anything that will spoil your relationship.

There is no any   preservatives, stabilizer, flavour enhancer substances in our marzipans.


Greetings Royals

If you are in a web travel  as a part of your  quest for a delicate  delicious flavour, our sweet offerings will assure your satisfying.

If you are in a web travel  as a part of your  quest for a delicate  delicious flavour, our sweet offerings will assure your satisfying.


If you’d like to experience one of our flavours, all you have to do is to choose one of our offerings according the personality you have:


Then our advice shall be Ottopan.
Ottopan is our classic flavour. Historical marzipan  is inspired by Ottoman Sultans’ approved relationship of sugar and almond.


Then you should go for Dipmonds
Dipmonds are our almond diamonds. They are in a harmonic relationship of chocolate and almond



    12 Pack $10

    24 Pack $20

    36 Pack $30



    40 gr $5

    80 gr $10

    120 gr $15


Why We Are So Delicious

Hand Made

All the delicious flavoured marzipan packages that brought to you are hand made. We spend with them for hours to prepare according to your taste.

Traditional Cooking Proved With Centuries

The relationship of fire and wood oven never fail to taste explorers and neither do we. We use wood ovens while preparing our delicious flavoured marzipans to be ensure to bring to you those favorite tastes of the Ottoman Sultans’ .

Engineered Repeatable Preparation Methods

You know what they say “Even broken clock succeed to show time correctly twice a day.”

That is why, What we count as success to offer the same delicious taste in every our beloved boxes. With this idea is in our minds, we engineered and standardized our steps so you can experience you have the nearly same taste in even in the different pieces Ottopans in front of you. 

Start From Beginning

Where does a taste start? From a soil where seed grows. So in the quest of searching the great marzipan taste, we grow own almond trees to be sure that we start from first step in the taste search.

Respecting Time

Our quest is to offer the natural best taste.  So we never put any non natural chemical substances (those substances starting with E) to increase shelf life. This kind of materails spoil our natural taste. Our marzipans is in class limited shelf-time material. So get them fast, finish them faster.

Where is our e-shop?

We are preparing our e-shop, dear royals. Soon you will be able to reach Roy Almond flavour via Internet. Until then please leave your contact to our caring hands,  so we can inform you as soon as we finish our preparations.

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